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 Office SPA Pahang has moved to the Ground Floor , Block C , Wisma Sri Pahang . However, the interview center in Kuantan is still operating as normal and will be communicated to the candidates if there are changes .


 Applicants may apply for positions online at the link provided , and can be downloaded via this website.



Based on the Enactment of State Public Service Commission No. 7/1991 was allocated six (6) The main task of the State Commission as follows: -

  • Appointment
    The Commission manages the appointment of members of the State Civil Service in Permanent, Temporary, Contract, Temporary Change and loans. Members of the Commission terminate the authority of Civil Service in accordance with the terms of appointment. The Commission may grant delegation of powers to the State Government / Department to appoint officers in either the Public Service Management and Professional and Support Group.

  • Confirmation to the office
    Members of the Commission confirming authority in the office of the Public Service, menlanjutkan the trial period, returning to its original position or terminate service for failure to be confirmed.

  • Admission into the Position of Pension
    The Commission manages the entry into the pension office to members of the State Civil Service who have confirmed and has served in the services that can be treated as pensionable service for a period of not less than three (3) years.

  • Promotion
    The Commission manages promotions for members of the State Civil Service. However, the power of promotion has now been undertaken by the State Government Promotion Board / Department. State Commission only serves as a Promotion Appeal Board only.

  • Exchange Services
    Commission authority to change members of Public Service on a regular basis from one scheme to another service and other services from one service to another service for the same service scheme. The Commission also regularly change the elected officials in exchange while and loans.

  • Disciplinary Control
    The Commission manages the disciplinary action with a view to dismissal or demotion and other punishments for officers and Professional Management. Disciplinary powers to dismissal or demotion of officers in the Support Group has been given to the Boards at the Department. Commission functions as the Disciplinary Appeal Board for the support group.

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